Spread Betting

A sports betting spread is something that you will encounter countless times when you are wagering on sports. In fact, it is one of the first concepts that you should understand. Spread betting was first established in order to help even the playing field for the bettor.

In almost every type of contest, sports related or not, there is an underdog and there is the favorite. Most of the time, the favorite will win. Of course, that is not always true, but it still means that the majority of people are going to bet on them. Bookkeepers invented the spread in order to encourage wagers on both sides.

Occasionally, a sports betting spread will use a half-point spread which means that you might see a team listed at plus 5 ½ or minus 4 ½. Using a  half point spread takes away the chance of there being a “push” where the two teams could tie. I the spread score is a tie, then there is “no action” on the game, which basically means that nobody wins and nobody loses. In cases like this, the money is simply returned to the bettors and all bets are off. 

In a sports betting spread, although the payout is supposed to be even money, it’s really not. Every wager that is placed has a commission. This commission is called many things, but you will probably hear it commonly referred to as the “vigorish” or simply “vig.” the bettor pays a 4.545 percent commission. If the payout really was even money than a bet for $11 would mean that you got $22 back.

However, in a sports betting spread that is not what happens. Instead, you would get back $21 since the other dollar would be the vigorish and go to the bookmaker.There are a couple of things to keep in mind in a sports betting spread. People who take handicaps into consideration will make their picks against the point spread.

There are a few methods to determine this, including taking how the teams have recently done into consideration, if there is a home field advantage, or if a one happens to do really well on the road. Even such things as weather can be taken into consideration when it comes to handicapping.

Sometimes, a sports betting spread will not be readjusted after an injury has taken place, which is something else to keep in mind. It can take bookmakers anything from a couple of minutes to an entire day to adjust the spread. Therefore it can be very advantageous to the bettor to keep up with the teams that they are betting on, or against, in order to know what factors might change the odds of a particular game. Most of the time, when professional bettors are able to make a living off of their wagers, it’s because they have studied the teams that they are betting on and know the players, the coaches, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

A variety of factors determine a sports betting spread. Understand how to not only analyze the spread itself, but to look at it in reference to what the various teams bring to the game can very important and will probably determine whether or not you win or lose your bet.


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