Lay Betting

What is Lay betting and how does it work? In simple terms it’s same as Backing but only reverse. Back bets are all bets done at simple bookmakers. To learn exactly how does Lay betting works you need to understand how does placing bets at simple bookie works.

When you visit a bookie you choose some team, horse or player and put money on them and hope that your selection wins. Imagine that you put a bet on a football “team A”. If “team B” wins or it’s draw you would lose your whole bet. You’ll win money only if team A wins and your winnings are calculated from odds.That’s the ordinary betting. Now imagine all of this but only reverse – you’ll win money if team A loses the match and team B wins or it’s Draw. With Lay betting your chances to receive winnings increases.

First of all to be able to Lay you need to sing-up at betting exchange. Betfair betting exchange is most popular one and it’s recommended for beginners, they are offering sing-up bonus too. After you are done with sing-up process be sure to check “Back & Lay” that will show you both – Lay and Back bets.

As I said before when you are laying, you can win on any other selection except your selected. Also winnings and loses are calculated reverse. You can win only amount of your stake, but loses are dependent from odds. For example if you Lay the Draw in football match for $100 at odds of 3.5 you risk losing 250$, but possible profits are $100 if either of teams wins. Laying can give you advantages of low odds, where you risk only few bucks in order to win your whole stake. For example you can Lay odds of 1.4 for $100 then you risk losing only $40 but win $100. So it’s up to you what odds to use and how much risk you’re willing to take.

Remember that Laying is not less risky it’s like Backing but only reverse. Risks of losing are still there.

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Don’t expect to win more just because you can place lay bets. I initially thought that I always ended up picking the losers :D but as it turned out, picking the loser is as hard as finding the winner. Sure, with research and experience you can do that, but it takes a lot of skill and is as hard as back betting.



My point exactly. Laying can be interesting and profitable, but it’s not easier than back betting :)


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