How to Win at Sports Betting

Everyone who visits sports books want to know how to win at sports betting. After all, the fun in placing a wager is hoping that you will get back a big reward on it. Learning how to decipher the odds can definitely help a bettor even out the playing field when it comes to sports betting.

There are 4 basic ways that odds can be specified in an online sports book. These are Fractional, American, Horse Odds, and Decimal. Understanding what these mean can help bettors know how to win at sports betting.

Sometimes, odds are shown in fractions. This is used a lot when it comes to European sports books, although to learn how to win at sports betting it’s good to have an understanding of how all of the different odds work. When Fractional odds are used, the first amount is the win amount. For example, on a 10 wager you would get $9 if the line shows a 9/10. 

When it comes to American style odds, underdogs are expressed as “+” while favorites are expressed as “-.” If you want to bet on a team and the line is “-120” then it means that for you to win $100 you would have to bet $120. On the other hand, if the line shows “+110” then it means that in order to win $110 you would have to bet $100. When sports books refer to a “dime line” they are talking about the difference between an underdog and a favorite.

Horse odds are mostly used for horse racing, but if you want to know how to win at sports betting it’s a good idea to have a fair understanding of how a lot of different odds work. Odds are typically shown as x to y when it comes to horse racing. For example, in order to win x, you are risking y amount of money.

By default, most European sports books tend to use decimal odds. It is fairly simple to calculate your winnings this way. For instance, you will get $230 if you bet $100 at 2.30 odds. Of course, that includes your initial $100 bid. If the odds are listed as 10 to 1 it means that in order to win $10 you are risking $1.

When you are learning how to win at sports betting, you will probably figure out that timing can determine whether or not you get the best odds. Some bettors swear by betting the underdog late and the favorite early because the odds will become shorter as more bets are wagered on the favorite. On the other hand, you can get a better price on the underdog if you wait to place your wager for as long as you can.

While there is no tried and true method when it comes learning how to win at sports betting, because if there were then everyone would win all of the time, understanding how the odds are figured can help you determine how you want to bet. In addition, understanding the sporting event that you are betting on can help you make informed decisions when it comes to placing a wager on it. People who typically lose money are those that wager in haste, and those that bet without an understanding of how odds are figured.

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